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Oromia Development Association
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Establishment of ODA
The inadequacy of government budget in ameliorating the deteriorating living condition in Oromia is indisputable. Therefore, as an additional development force, to the ongoing development efforts, the Oromia Development Association was established as a non profit making indigenous NGO in March 1993 by some concerned persons of Oromia with a view to mitigating the development problems of the region by mobilizing local and external resources.
ODA aspires to see Oromia free from poverty and backwardness.
ODA exists to contribute to sustainable development of Oromia, focusing primarily on the rural community, through construction of basic infrastructure, provision of social services such as education, health, water, preserving and maintaining the ecological balance and enhancing productivity based on the principles of self-reliance.

In order to achieve its objectives, ODA employs the following strategies:
Limit intervention areas of education, health, water supply,relief,food security and training in line with the association's financial capacity.
Mobilize local experience, energy, skill and resources to address development challenges of the region.
ensure effective involvement of beneficiaries in all stages of development endeavors: needs assessment, project planning and implementation of projects.
diversify ODA's sources of finance.

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