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Sources of fund
Organizational Structure
Oromia Development Association
Fund raising activities of ODA
In order to raise financial and material support required for the implementation of development projects, ODA had to organize various fund raising programs. These programs not only helped in securing money for development activities, but they also had a considerable contribution in promoting and publicizing the cause of the association. The fund raising programs conducted by ODA since its establishment are the following.
Dinner program
This was a fund raising dinner program held in Finfine at the Ghion Hotel. Birr 2,393,115 in cash was obtained during this event.
Nekemte trade exhibition and bazar
During this program, which took place in Nekemte, capital of East Wellega zone, birr 142,241 was raised.
Tombola lottery
In this fund raising activity tombolla tickets were sold throughout the country bringing in 2,719,454 birr.
Jimma Expo-96
In addition to raising fund to assist its development endeavors, ODA sponsored this event to encourage trade and investment in Oromia. From this program carried out from February 27 - March 9, ODA obtained in cash Birr 251,056.
Hirpha - ODA'97
This was the special fund raising program and was the biggest of all the preceding like programs. During this program a total of Birr 112,623,048 was pledged to ODA. Out of this amount 90% was collected.
Mettu-Jimma Trade Fair
This was a program on which over 45 different organizations participated and exhibited variety of products and services. The program was launched by the ODA in coordination with Ethio Investment Promotion Service in the year 2001. ODA had a share of Birr 140,000 out of the total income obtained from the trade fair.

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