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Organizational Structure
Oromia Development Association
Organizational Structure of ODA
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ODA is a community based membership organization. Its' members include rural based community members, businessmen, and employees of various institutions, professional and others who are interested in the mission of ODA. In order to mobilize local resources and initiatives effectively, the Association organizes its members and manages its development activities through the following organizational structure.
The General Assembly
Made up of members representing the woreda and branch associations, the General Assembly is the supreme policy maker of ODA.
The Board of Directors
The Borad of Directors provides overall development and administrative policy guidelines and exercises general supervision over the implementation of rules, regulations and directives adopted by the Association.
The Secretariat of ODA
The secretariat of ODA is a leadership entity, which runs the day-to-day activities of the Association at the level of head office.
Being led by ODA General Manager, it has 3 departments and 3 services answerable to the Board of Directors, the secretariat is trusted with the task of project planning and implementation, evaluating performances of development activities with a view to realizing the objectives of ODA.

Departments Services
  Planning and Program Implementation   Public Relations
  Social Mobilaization   Internal Audit
  Finance   Administration
Organized in such a way to execute the development activities of the association, the Head Office of ODA consists 3 departments and 3 services and 16 branch offices at zonal level, whose main duty is to recruit members, collect membership fees survey development challenges in their respective zone and form ODA basic committee member at local level.

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