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Sources of fund
Organizational Structure
Oromia Development Association
Core Values of the Oromia Development Association

Community Participation/Management
  ODA primarily relies on the people of oromia for the human, material and financial resources extended for its programs. Therefore, it is ODA's strong conviction that its sustainability as a vibrant civic association and its programs cannot be attained without the participation of the community being served.

  Oromia is a region of multi-nationalities with people of diverse origin, beliefs, and languages, etc. Hence, in recognition of this diversity, ensuring ethnic, religions, and gender equity in all of its development endeavors will be one of the most cherished values of ODA.

Priority to marginalized areas
  There are areas and communities, which are especially marginalized within the region. ODA sets priority to such marginalized areas in its effort to develop the region.

  In order to make maximum use of meager resources to bring changes on the lives of the people by initiating sustainable development programs, ODA as an indigenous organization adheres to the principle of working in partnership with government, non-government organizations, civic society and the community at large.

Institutional Excellence
  ODA believes that its stakeholders, particularly the government as a regulatory body, donors, members and the community deserves the liberty to know about the programs and projects in which they have interests in one way or the other. Hence, transparency, accountability, flexibility, commitment and credibility are among other core values of ODA.

  The history of mankind recalls that success stories of societies are the results of their own prorated efforts and internal dynamism. Development had never been attained by external assistance alone. Therefore, community empowerment and self-reliance are the basis for sustainable development and hence, ODA strives towards insuring the same.

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