Basic Non Formal Education Project

Basic Non Formal Education project is openned as an office by ODA in 1998 budget year to improve the literacy rate of the region as its main goal.The overall objective of the project is to provide alternative basic child education to 14,000 children between the age of 7 and 15. In addition providing basic literacy and numeric skills to 4200 adults is also the other objective of this project.This project works closely with PACT/USAID as its major donour.

To realize these set objectives, the project has openned its centers in different zones of the region;10 centers in Bale madawalabu,10 centers in each of Chiro and Gemmechis woredas of West Hararghe, 15 centers in Doba woreda of west Hararghe, 15 centers in each of Girawa,Fedis and Gursum woredas of East Hararghe Zone.

The Assocaition has donated hundred laptop computers.....
In addition to the above mentioned activities the association donated one hundred (100) x0 Laptop computers for Hamile 19 Elementary School to improve the quality of teaching learning process and to improve the student’s skill of computer application at their early class. This by far contributes to the student’s access to the modern technologies and to keep them in touch with day to day changing information age. The association obtained these computers from OLPC Company free of charge. We hope OLPC will do more with us to improve the quality of basic child education in our regional state –Oromia.



Construction of Centers
By now ODA has 90 alternative basic education centers. This centers are found in different woredas of the Oromia regional state.

These centers have been constructed in collaboration with community of the centers. Each center has at least two classrooms and one office. Estimated cost of each center is about 30,000 birr and total cost of 90 centers is about 2,700,000. Of this amount more than 1,170,000 is contribution of the community.

Educational Furnitures
To keep up the quality of teaching learning process ODA has purchased and distributed desks, benches and office furniture for each center.

In addition to these, to perform the EFA goal ODA is working in collaboration with woreda education offices, zonaa education offices , regional education bureau-Oromia, Asella Teachers training college and other stake holders.
  BNFE Phase II has started

The second phase of Basic Non Formal education has started in six woredas namely Daro Lebu of West Hararge,Chinaksan of East Hararge,Delo Mana of Bale , Herena Buluk of Bale, Liben and seba boru of Guji. In this it has been planned to increase the outreach to 10500 children and 8400 adults in the form of Alternative Basic Education and Adult Functional Literacy . This phase is intended to start on December 1, 2009 and expected to last for four years. In this cycle it is believed that this four years project duration is expected to give coverage to the very planned numeric target


By now in all centers ODA is giving Alternative Basic Education from level one to three for more than 32,000 children and Adult Functional Literacy for more than 9000 adults.Of these participants 6,623 (2,674 female and 3,949 male )children completed the alternative basic education program given by the project and joined the nearby second cycle primary school to attend their 2nd cycle primary education. And about 1000 adults have taken certificate for their ability of reading and writing, and skill of numeracy. Of this adult participants about 400 women adults of Fedis and Mede wolabu woreda started saving being in group. Each group has 20-30 members. The groups learn literacy and numeracy integrating with saving.

This is a picture taken while a a tutor was teaching at Fedis wereda in East hararghe collecting the kebele childrens and adults who do not have acces to formal education .
This is a picture taken while the kebele youngsters was attending at meda welabu wereda in Bale zone collected together by their tutors. Previously, they do not have acces to formal education .
This is a picture highlighting while the needy students at doba woreda in Urji kebele are attending non formal basic education in East hararghe
This is a picture taken at Fedis wereda in East hararghe by collecting together the kebele childrens and adults who do not have acces to formal educations
This is a picture taken while a kebele adults at Gemmechis wereda in East hararghe are attending non formal basic education.previously they do not have acces to formal education.
Ayisha Yusuf is a leg disabled girl at Gemmechis Woreda. Althuogh she have had a deep ambition to attend her education,she couldn't realize her dream because of her disability.But now BNFE project enabled her to have easy access to her eductaion
This is a picture taken while kebele adults at Gursum wereda in East hararghe are attending non formal education.

To strengthen this activity the project has conducted the following trainings: 1) Center management committee training -Initial and refreshment for 630 participants 2) Facilitators training: -Initial and refreshment for all facilitators -Training at college level:- By now 182 facilitators are attending on job training in summer at Asella TTC to to be certified teachers in 1st cycle primary school by the project’s cost. Stake holders: To perform this activity the project works with the following stake holders - Community of the centers - Woreda education offices - Zonal education offices - Regional education bureau-Oromia Donor:- Starting 1998 budget year the project is working with Pact/USAID and most of the operational and administration cost is covered by this international NGO. For the last three years 18,418 children & 5,644 adults benefited from this project attending the non-formal education program from level 1-3. To run this program the project has 270 facilitators, 07 supervisors, 2 coordinators, 1 accountant & one secretary. Pact/USAID is covering all cost of the project. But, most of the construction expenses except products of factories is covered by the community of each center.

In addition to these employee recruitment, ODA distributed 07 SUZUKI 185 C.C motor bicycle, about 8950 corrugated sheet of iron, 1676 K.G nails, 270 standard black boards, 2700 standard double desks, 554 standard office chairs, 97 standard office tables, 180 classroom tables, 120 lantern (kerosene lamp), and more than 28,000 post and truss of eucalyptus tree during the construction of centers. Also more than 70,000 children texts with the facilitators guide and more than 27,000 texts of adults and supplementary books distributed for all centers.


In addition to these participants of children and adults ODA opened chance of training for about 182 facilitators who did not have certificate to teach in first cycle primary education. To train (on job summer training) these facilitators ODA cost about 743,800 birr for both tuition fee and other related costs.

The project was funded by Pact/USAID and the people of the area were participated in center construction by their labor, money and skill. Total cost of the project was estimated as it is 13,000,000 birr. Of this amount Pact/USAID covered 10,372,317.60 birr. The rest amount is covered by the people of the centers area as cost share.

By now the project achieved its objective more than 200 % in both alternative basic education (ABE) and adult functional literacy (AFL). Finally all woreda education offices took over the centers before July 01/2001 E.C. with 07 supervisors (one for one woreda) and about 226 certified facilitators to administer the employees and the centers starting July 2001 E.C.

Also the project selected six woredas of Oromia where the coverage of the first cycle primary education is less to start the second phase of the project. If our donor- Pact/USAID released the budget as per the discussion held between our office and the staff of TEACH Pact/USAID we will open about 60 new centers in 2002 conduct the same program in the selected woredas to facilitate opportunity of alternative basic education for 15,000 children and opportunity of adult functional literacy for 6,000 adults.
If we get additional fund from other donors, our area of coverage and number of beneficiaries also increased and we are very happy to expand the program to the hinterlands of Oromia. So we request any donors to do together to fulfill the EFA goal in our region

To realize its very goal , the project works with different stake holders at different levels.These comprises the communities at each of the centres, the woreda education office, Zonal education offices and regional education office