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The overall objective of the project is to achieve and maintain household food security within the target community and promote the target area as a model of intervention on food security issues in drought prone area

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This Food Security Project is being implemented by ODA, in Jarso Anna, 8 PAs, E/Hararge zone

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Major Project Activities?

The project started in February 2003 with the initial grant of 1.9 million Birr obtained from the French Embassy. The project has been implemented in Jarso Anna, one of food insecure Annas of the region located in E/Hararge Zone.Major activiies of the project are:


Accomplishments So far


Animal Vaccine and Drug supply

Vet post construction

Restocking program

Para-Vet training

34 young farmers have been trained and under the two phases to conduct animal vaccine/ treatment against ten top livestock diseases of the area & currently all vaccination/treatment activities are covered by the same in all 20 PAs of the Anna within very short time compared to previous Agricultural offices service delivery.

Forage Crop variety trial

As the agricultural plot per family is diminishing in size every year, animal feed became one of the most serious problems in the project area. To address this problem ODA and the community have planned to conduct variety trial program on small plots to identify the most suitable animal feed variety & expand the multiplication process and distribute the seeds/seedlings to interested-able farmers with irrigable plots of land as income generating means’s. The seeds/seedlings will be multiplied /transplanted on a larger scale in communal lands, hillsides, alley and non-agricultural areas in the future. Currently some 4 varieties (Lucinya, susbanya, vetivar and elephant grass) have been identified and under use in the Burka Jalala target areas.