Strategic plan has been revised(2000-2004)

Oromia Development Association (ODA) has revised its five years strategic plan which commenced as of EFY 2000 and intended to stay operational until 2004.

There are three fundamental reasons that have triggered revision of the strategic plan- the need for effective and efficient decentralization, the need to make changes in top priority areas of development activities of the association and the requirement for aligning the strategic plan with the newly promulgated legislation dealing with charities and societies.

One of the reforms currently prevailing in Ethiopia in general and in Oromia Regional state in particular is the idea of decentralization. Decentralization is considered a key factor in the development endeavors of Ethiopia because it is a way to empower the community at woreda and kebele level and build the capacity to bring about developmental activities to be performed and owned by the community.

Based up on this direction, currently basic social, political and economical functions in Oromia Regional state are deployed from the center and zonal level structures to woredas and kebeles. As such ODA, as one of the development partner of the regional state has to readjust its developmental plans and activities in line with such structural shifts in the region.

Accordingly ODA is working toward decentralizing its project planning and implementation activities to autonomous Woreda Branch associations to be formed at the various Woredas of the region and empowering these Woreda organs to assume community based and demand driven developmental activities on their own.

This will gradually change the ODA head office in to an umbrella organization which will focus on research and development, resource recruiting and mobilization, building the capacity of sub regional associations and establishment and running of income Generation Activities

The second issue that has necessitated revision of the strategic plan is the currently prevailing environmental and developmental issues not only in Ethiopian but also in other parts of the world. The alarmingly increasing climatic change and global worming are compelling the international community to stop and think of concerted efforts and measures to tackle the problem

While the concept of decentralization and shift in top priority areas are the major factors that have driven the need for revising the strategic plan, the newly promulgated charities and societies proclamation is also another factor that has necessitated the revision.

The new legislation requires that all charities and societies in the country shall be registered a new as one of the three alternatives, namely, Ethiopian charities/societies, Ethiopian residents charities/ Societies or Foreign charities depending up on their establishment and the category that fit their nature.

Accordingly ODA has to be registered as an “Ethiopian Residents Association” as it raises more than ten percent of its funds from forcing sources and continues to dose at least for some years in the future until it reaches the stage where it can raise more than 90% of the funds required for its development activities locally.

As a developing country Ethiopia is one of those nations which are being affected and will continue to be affected seriously by the global climate change and warming.

As part of the global community and thus feeling the pain of the problem it is high time that Ethiopians should focus on the issue of environmental protection and natural resources management to curb the threat posed by climate change.

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