As such as part of the revision made to the strategic plan ODA has placed the issue of environmental protection and natural resources management on top priority area of its development activities.

Thus, ODA in the next five years, will be highly engaged in education awareness creation, and mobilization of the community at various levels toward environmental protection, development and natural resources management activities which will be planned and implemented at community level with the at most participation of the community.

Environmental protection being the top priority area of focus, health and reproductive heath, education quality, food security and unemployment which are considered part and parcel of the issue of environmental protection in one way or the other, are also selected as top priority areas in ODA’s development endeavors in the next five years.

Obviously one can see that these top priority areas are so much correlated and complementary to each other that an effort exerted in one of the top priority areas will be without the desired product unless supported and complemented by an effort to be injected in the other areas.

As related to this, ODA has conducted its 5th General Assembly on 21, January 2010. On its 5th meeting the General Assembly has discussed up on the overall contents of the Revised SPM and delegated ODA board to endorse and implement the SPM after incorporating the comments and suggestions raised by the assembly as well as others to be given by professionals who are competent in the area and may be invited to comment on the SPM.

The general assembly has also heard and endorsed the EFY 2000 and 2001 performance reports of the Association, an audit report prepared and presented by an external audit firm which includes the period EFY 1999 to 2001, physical work and budget plan of the association for the EFY 2002, as well as the revised articles of association of ODA, which is aligned with the newly promulgated charities and societies proclamation.

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