Major Achievements

The fact that Oromia Development association (ODA) has accomplished since its establishment, remarkable tasks from which the populations in Oromia have benefited a lot is conspicuous and can in no way be questioned. It is in fact true, that the Association could have done more and has not done to the level desired by itself as well as the people of oromia.

So far, ODA has developed rich experience in identifying problem areas, initiating and running development projects which are found crucial for bringing changes in the living of the society. It has specially registered good achievements in the area of health, education, food security and provision of basic social services. .

Through its health program which includes reproductive health and family planning services ODA has managed to cover more than 110 woredas of the region. Assessments made in this regard show that more than 1/3 of the total populations of the region have benefited from this program. .

In the education sector, ODA has managed to construct 90 elementary schools and establish over 100 alternative basic education centers from which more than 32,000 children and 9000 adults in 6 woredas have benefited by getting access to basic primary education. .

ODA is also implementing food security program in one chronically food insecure woreda and is intending to expand the experience to other similar woredas in the region.

The association has also conducted Social Accountability Project from which more than 60 thousand people in 12 woredas of the region have benefited.

So far, the Association has constructed 85 health institutions, 171 km’s of rural road in various woredas of the region.

To further strengthen its intervention in the overall development of the region, ODA is to decentralize power to woreda branch Association.

As such, it will commence its decentralization plan in 120 woredas and aim to gradually cover all the woredas through the decentralization.

The decentralization is intended to empower woreda level branch Association to use the resources raised in their respective waredas for development project identified by the people as priority and run project by themselves. After decentralization is effected, the ODA head office will remain fully engaged in research and study, resource mobilization and rendering assistance of the branch offices.

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